Managing Your Positions

Once you have created positions, your dashboard will look similar to this:

From your dashboard you can see each position (shown on the left hand side), your total $USD value, the value of unclaimed rewards, and your recent activity. You can claim at any time, or use the CLAIM ALL button in the portfolio dashboard.

To view an individual position, click the ACTIONS button shown outlined in red.

From here, you can Deposit more underlying assets (either the base token or the vault token equivalent), harvest rewards, transfer the Digit position, or withdraw your assets. Remember, Digit positions are never locked!

You can even add your position to an Apple Wallet.

You can also press the arrow button to flip the position and view maturity:

The maturity view displays the progress of the position throughout the Reliquary maturity tranches. The PROGRESS TO NEXT LEVEL bar will fill over time and shows progress throughout a particular level (Level 1 in this case). The REWARD APY bar shows the reward boost at each maturity tranche, and the positions progress across the entire maturity curve.

The REWARD APY bar demonstrates the same information, but presents the growth of the position's maturity over the maturity curve. In this case, the maturity curve is linear. In other cases, the curve may have more or fewer points, and vary in shape.

Below that is simply the USD value of the position, pending rewards (displayed in USD value and paid in the reward token), the position ID, and the overall maturity of the position in Days.

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