Creating a Position

When you first connect to Digit, your portfolio may be empty.

To open a position, simply click the ‘Add Position’ button to get started:

You can then select the asset you would like to deposit. For example, you could select the ERN HODLER.

The deposit window is pictured below and gives an option of providing the underlying asset, or an underlying LP. For the ERN Relic, this refers to depositing ERN directly, or stERN vault tokens into the Relic. Relic yield can come from a number of underlying positions, whether they be LP or vault positions or other. This particular Relic is connected to Reaper Farm's Staked ERN (stERN) Vault, and users who already have assets deposited into the vault can generate Relics from their vault receipt tokens. Whether you deposit the token directly or the vault token, it ultimately does not matter, as the assets will be deposited into the underlying vault regardless.

Use the toggle below ‘Deposit Amount’ to switch between depositing the token directly or the LP/vault token.

In the case of a Relic with 1000 ERN deposited for 10 years, current market conditions will yield 5.20% underlying APY, plus additional reward yield earned in maturity tranches over time. The underlying APY is shown in bold white text, and the reward yield is shown in smaller green text beside it.

The range in reward yield indicates the difference between a newly created Relic and one that has matured over time. For any given position, the underlying APY is auto-compounded to grow your underlying position over time; the reward APY must be claimed on Digit.

The blue shaded box in the top left will display any relevant information pertaining to the position. In this case, there is a deposit cap on the underlying vault which is indicated as shown.

Using the slider tool is for graphical purposes only. Assets are not locked or committed for any time period. Relics are liquid positions and the underlying assets can be redeemed at any time.

Yield is dependent on market conditions and as the underlying yield strategies are developed and improved, rates may change.

Once approved and deposited, your position will appear in your portfolio.

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